FIRE Program Points Admin DB : Best Practices


This article is intended for FIRE application admins. This is a list of best practices to ensure accurate, efficient, and consistent use of the points admin database. 


  1. Approve multiple times per week- Recommended at least 3 times per week.  This is done in order to increase the likelihood of a manageable amount of points submissions. It also provides more immediate feedback to the participant and teams on awarded points.
  2. Ensure accurate entry information - Student name (important in the case of them adding points from the website), accurate category applied and points awarded or denied
  3. Filter for efficient points awarding - Use the search feature to combine similar submissions. ex. sort by student name or by type "meeting" and select multiple and click Mass Assignments to assign category and points to multiple submissions and Approve points or select multiple submissions to Deny Points




  4. Sort by columns - makes it easier to see which submissions need categories and/or points added

  5. Denying points - Delete the record rather than assign it zero points. To delete the record click on the red thumbs down icon. Students will see that there submission was not accepted. This is done for proper reporting






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