Kaltura Capture: Overview


This article provides a general overview of Kaltura Capture.


Kaltura Capture desktop recorder enables easy video creation anywhere by anyone.

Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. Kaltura Capture is supported both on Windows and Mac. You can record your camera, screen, and audio, or optionally turn off any of the three. Once created, you can use Kaltura Capture to upload new videos into the Kaltura Mediaspace video portal or Canvas.

Kaltura Capture includes:

  • Screen and webcam capture in one click
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic slide detection and creation of searchable chapters from PowerPoint
  • Content creation can be done offline, on the go, for future upload
  • Seamless uploading to Canvas and Kaltura MediaSpace


Kaltura Capture Recording Tool

The Kaltura Capture Recording Tool includes the following:

  • Recording Button -- Press to record.
  • Screen Setting
  • Camera Setting
  • Audio Setting
  • Management Settings

The Recording Menu

The recording menu includes:

  • Stop recording button (white square) - Press to stop the recording. You will be prompted with a confirmation box.
  • Pause/Resume recording button(red circle) - You can pause or resume your recording at any time.
  • Cancel recording button(grey x) - discard recording. Press to cancel the recording. You will be prompted with a confirmation box.
  • Elapsed time
  • Minimize icon

You can download and install Kaltura Capture on your own computer to make recordings of any presentations or demonstrations you like. If you would like to use the software, head on over to our Kaltura Capture: Getting Started article.


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