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myUNH Tasks and Task Centers

The new myUNH portal, offers a wide array of information for the UNH community. We encourage you to set myUNH ( ) as your browser homepage on all your devices - yes, the new portal is mobile friendly!  myUNH is mobile friendly and does not require you to install a mobile app. So the activities or information you use frequently here at UNH is at your fingertips.


The site uses Tasks and Task Center to provide links to resources at UNH. You can use the search features or mark frequently used Tasks or Task Centers as your favorite.


Keep reading for more in-depth information about Tasks and Task Centers.


What are Task Centers? Multiple tasks that are related are grouped together in Task Centers to make it easier to find all the activities. Examples of this could be graduation activities, admissions, or IT help.

What are Tasks? A Task is a link to an application, service, a webpage, or an online form. Examples of Tasks are a UNH website, a link to a travel reimbursement form, or a link to an application like myCourses.

Task Center image


Accessing a Task Center

  • Click on the Task Center tile to access the Description and Announcements
  • Click on the Task Center tile to view all Tasks in the group
  • Click on the individual Tasks to navigate to the activity


Tasks image


Accessing a Task

  • Click on the Task to navigate immediately to the activity.
  • Click on the " i " to open the Task to see the Description, Contacts, User Reviews, Related Tasks and Announcements. See more details below.
  • Click on the Heart to have the Task display in your My Favorites.
  • The Red circle on the right side indicates an Announcement in the Task.


Task Details

Clicking on the "i" opens the Task as displayed below. In the Task details you can view a detailed description of the Task. The User Reviews tab allows you to write a review and add a Rating. Related Tasks displays additional Tasks that you may find helpful. The Announcements tab shows announcements specific to the Task.

On the right side, you can use the Heart to have the Task listed in your My Favorites. The Go icon will launch the task.

The Description tab provides a more detailed description of the Task including the Contact information and a Padlock icon appears if launching the Task requires additional authentication.


Favorite a Task

All users can favorite tasks, which will add them to the My Favorites area of the portal. This is done by clicking on the heart icon from or within a task. My Favorites is a custom section that displays at the top of your dashboard after login.

WebCat Task - Select Heart image to favorite

WebCat Task image from Information view, click Heart image to favorite


Need additional help?

Please fill out the webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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