Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Submitting Email Content for Approval


This article will walk the user through the process of submitting email content for approval. All Directed Communication content must be approved before it can be sent.

NOTE: In Salesforce Marking Cloud the approval process is ONLY for the content contained within the email and not the audience it will be going to

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Email content must be open before the user can start the Approval Process

  1. In the upper right corner of the page choose the Start Approvals Process: Start Icon
  2. Complete the information in the object dialog.
  3. Audience to Preview -- User Can leave blank
  4. The user can then leave instructions for what they are looking to be accomplished or basic notes to the approvers to why content may have been designed in the manner presented.
  5. Team -- The user will select the "team or group" that will be responsible for approving this email
  6. Choosing Save and Submit the system will send a message to the approving bodies that there is an email that requires attention and approval.

Once Save and Submit has been chosen the "team" assigned to the users business unit will receive an email alerting them that content is ready to be approved.

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