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 Users should only need to focus on two content blocks when creating content.  Image and Text.  Other icons and functionality will be covered in an "advanced" WYSIWYG editor article.

Once  your layout has been selected as part of creating a new email the user will primarily be interacting with the WYSIWYG formatting tool bars while in the "Add Content" screen.  The editing WYSIWYG will change based on the type of content the user has their cursor focused on in the right side of the screen.  If the user’s cursor is within an Image area of the email they will see the Image WYSIWYG, likewise if their focus is within a Text area within the email the user will see the Text editor WYSIWYG . 

Image Editor:

  1. This area allows the user to browse out to the image they would like to upload to the document.  
    1. NOTE : images need to be uploaded and contained within the SFMC in order to select.  Uploading a new image to the SFMC is permissions based, not all users can upload images. See:  Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Uploading New Images for Content
  2. SFMC by default adds a boarder around the image that is set to None.  Users can change the color, width and the type of line using the controls.
  3. Image Padding will tell the system how much space to provide between the image and any text surrounding it based on the layout selected.

Image Alignment allows the user to choose if the image should be Left, Right or Center Justified within the body of the message.

Text Editor:

  1. This area of the toolbar allows users to Bold, Italics or Underline text
  2. These controls allow the user to Left, Center, Right or Block justify text in the body of the message
  3. The controls here allow the user to add a hyperlink to text, remove hyperlink or the flag can place an Anchor to the body.  An anchor is a placeholder that allows users to link to a specific place within a website.
  4. Users can add number or bullet formatting Text can be indented or bumped out as needed using these controls

By Clicking on the arrow at the end of the row of icons the user can expand the text editor to reveal additional controls that can assist in styling.

Once the additional controls are open the user has the ability to style Text, Spacing and add mail merge fields.

  1. Allows the user to change Text Color
  2. Allows the user to change the background color, the system will put a colored block around the text
  3. User can change line spacing between lines or paragraphs
  4. Styles allows the user to quickly change the heading format of the text
  5. Font allows the user to change the text font
  6. Size allows the user to change the size of the font
  7. Contains controls that allow the user to insert "Merge" fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address.  The system will dynamically populate this information based on information from the mail list per recipient
  8. Common Cut, Copy and Paste controls
  9. Left arrow is Undo, Right arrow is Redo
  10. Allows the user to change the direction of the text from left to right or right to left
  11. Insert a table and choose the number of columns and rows needed
  12. Inserts a horizontal line within the text area
  13. Allows users to select and insert special characters/symbols
  14. User can strikethrough text or create subscript or postscript
  15. Allows the user to Quote a block of text and allow it to stand out in the body of text
  16. Search, allows the user to search within the text

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