Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Testing Email Content

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Create an email with content.  Refer to "Salesforce Marketing Creating Email from Template"

Once the user has added content, this can include links, personalization (merge fields), images etc.  The users want to ensure that the content follows through and names/links appear and function as needed.

Also see: Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Personalization of Email Content

The content below contains content for First Name, Last Name and a link to the UNH website.  To be sure this content works the user needs to select a Data Extension to test with ensuring the names change dynamically.

  1. On the " Preview and Test page"
  2. Using the left pane blue folder icon, navigate down through the folder structure until you find the data extension you require
  3. Select the list and see the names on the right side
  4. Select the first name in the list
  5. Choose Select in the lower right
  6. Ensure that the personalization fields fill in and names are appearing as expected
  7. The user can use the navigation arrows to the right and left of the name to scroll through and see names change in the body of the email

Once the data has been tested from within the system the user can Send the email to themselves or peers for further review outside of SFMC.

  1. Click on the envelope icon on the left
  2. Click on the Individuals tab and enter the user’s email and a peer’s.  Multiple email addresses can be entered
  3. Under From Options, select the Saved Send Classification tab
    1. Do NOT use options from the From Name tab, always use the Saved Send Classification tab.
  4. Choose a listed option that the user would like the email to show coming from
  5. Select Send Test at the bottom
  6. A dialog will tell the user the number of recipients (and who they are), the number of messages and the total.
  7. Selected Confirm and Send

The user if their email was in the field above under the Individuals tab, will receive the email and be able to test additional functionality.  If the user determines that something is askew they can make adjustments and resend if required.

Once all items have been addressed the user can choose to send the email to the intended parties or part the Approvals process.  See - Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Submitting Email Content for Approval

  Need additional help?

 Please fill out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

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