Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Approval Teams


All emails sent through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud require approval prior to being sent.  This article describes the available approval teams, when they are used, and who the approvers are for that team.


Approval Team Name Use Case Approvers
Business Services Approval Business Services Notices to Students and Parents Judy Muller
Kim Bello
Liza Curtis
CEPS Approval Messaging to CEPS students, faculty, and staff Stephanie Whitney
CHHS Approval Messaging to CHHS students, faculty, and staff

Allison Dwyer
Marc Smick

Tarah Beaupre

IHPP Newsletter Approval (CHHS) Messaging to recipients on the Newsletter subscription list Bridget Drake
COLA Approval Messaging to COLA students, faculty, and staff Kevin Sousa
Susan Dumais
Margaret Kirkpatrick
COLSA Approval Messaging to COLSA students, faculty, and staff Marge Joy
Katie Cousens
UNH Law Approval Messaging to UNH Law Students, Faculty, and Staff Alicia Medros
Employee Support Services    
Academic Technology Approval Messaging to Faculty on AT Services, J-Term and Projects Terri Winters
Alicia Medros
IT Approval IT Signals and internal Staff newsletters, messages from Vice President of IT Kathi Derby
Marty England
OS and PAT Counsel Approval OS and PAT Council updates to Staff Chris VanHorn
Amanda Chisling
CPA Approval - Faculty and Staff Communications Messaging to Faculty and Staff from campus groups that do not have their own queue Erika Mantz
Neil Larson
Mica Stark
EOS Newsletter Approval Messaging to Faculty and Staff from EOS  Rebecca Irelan
Research Office Communication to faculty & staff associated with Research Ruth Davis
Graduates School Approval Communication with current Grad Students - Durham & Manchester Jon Adams
Laurie Witham
UNH On-Line Approval Communication with current UNH On-Line Students Terri Winters
Alicia Medros
Manchester Approval Messaging to Manchester Students, Faculty and Staff Bruce Johnstone
Sean Embree
Daniel Reagan
Jenn Salazar
Mary Young
Paul College Approval Messaging to Paul Students, Faculty, and Staff Sharon Keeler
Eileen Laskoski
Jamie Willet
Heather Smith
HR Approval Preview Communications or smaller, targeted communications.  i.e. Manager and Supervisor emails that do not go through CPA approval Chris VanHorn
Erika Mantz
Facilities Messages These messages go to the UNH communittee regarding construction notices around campus. Stephanie Weatherbee
Hospitality Services Messages to Faculty and Staff from hospitality, these go through CPA Approval Erika Mantz
Neil Larson
Student Services    
Admissions Approval Messaging sent to Students Deborah Della Selva
Financial Aid Approval Financial Aid notices to Students Joel Carstens
Housing Approval Housing notices to Students Victoria Perkins
Health & Wellness Approval Health & Wellness notices to Students Kevin Charles
Registrar Approval Registrar notices to Students Elizabeth Smith
Andy Colby
UNH Student Communications Student communications that cross-colleges/levels and are not covered by specific queues for Departments with targets communication needs Ted Kirkpatrick
Lynn Beaver
Kevin Charles
Police Dispatch Approval Emergency notifications and Police Dispatch emails Paul Dean
Mary Sylvia
Alicia Medros
MUB Programs Messages to students regarding MUB related programs and activities Nathaniel Hastings
Hospitality Services Communcation to students regarding hospitality, vendors and consessions Ted Kirkpatrick
Lynn Beaver
Kevin Charles

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