Too Many Recipients in Outlook

The maximum number of recipients for an individual email through UNH IT mail servers is 250. If you try to send to more than 250 recipients in a single send, you will get an error similar to "This message wasn't delivered to anyone because there are too many recipients. The limit is 250."

Why a maximum number of recipients for an individual email message?

Limiting the number of recipients for an individual email message is a common method to help ensure that other organizations do not perceive legitimate email sends as spam. It also serves to slow down spam being sent when one of our mailboxes is actively compromised.

Mailman is a service provided by UNH IT where you can use an open-source mailing list manager to communicate with dozens or thousands of recipients easily. Information is available at Mailing Lists - Mailman.

Directed Communications is a mass mail system that allows users with a business need to send official emails to groups within the University. Information is available at DCS - Directed Communication System.

Customer Relationship Management software, like Salesforce, is available as well. More information can be found here, Customer Relationship Management.


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