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Sharing and Collaboration:
Sharing and Collaboration is now easier than ever, with one click you have access to collaborators or share a link.







Arranging files:

You can now sort folders/files by name, updated, or size. Above the file/folder name is a bar (see above screenshot) showing Name, Updated, and Size. Select the option you wish to sort by. By default, the setting is Updated. If you are working from Box on the web any files you update will show up at the top, once the page is refreshed your files will sort by either name, updated or size. You can also change the display to a grid or list view. Below is a screen hot of Grid View and its new features.











File Details:
Need to see more information about a file or folder? Highlight the file or folder in Box and on the right a new menu will appear, Sharing and Details. Click on details to get more information. You can even enter in a description of the file or folder for easier searches.











Do not hesitate to provide feedback to Box.


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