Academic Technology Services Center (ATSC) - Malware & Optimization Seminars for Students

The ATSC offers malware and optimization seminars to all UNH students. These seminars are 1 hour sessions where you sit with a seminar leader, who steps you through removing malware and optimizing your machine. The goal of each seminar is to resolve your issue and give you the tools and basic knowledge to avoid and troubleshoot future issues regarding malware.

How do I sign up?

Come to the ATSC in Dimond library and tell a receptionist at the desk your computer's symptoms. If it is obvious that you have malware, they will sign you up right away. If not, a technician will come take a look at your computer to figure out what the issue is. You can also call the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 and request to speak with an ATSC representative.

There are generally two sessions as day Monday -- Thursday, and one session on Fridays. You will sign up for a slot and plan to come back to the desk at that time. The ATSC is located on the main floor of Dimond Library in room 341.

What to expect?

You will come back up to the desk at your allotted time and tell the receptionist that you are here for a malware seminar. They will ask for your username and send you to a conference room in the back. When the seminar begins, a technician will come to the back to assist you. They will ask you about your symptoms again and step you through the process of installing and running several anti-malware and optimization software, including:

  • Malwarebytes
  • CCleaner
  • Sophos (Mac) or Windows Security Suite/Windows Defender (PC)

How can I prepare for a seminar?

  • Use your device as little as possible before your seminar
  • Plan to come 5 minutes early
  • Bring your laptop & power charger
  • If you happen to need to leave early or at a certain time, please tell the ATSC technician at the start of the session

After a malware seminar

  • You will receive an email about a case begin closed -- you may ignore this email, it is for our case tracking system
  • If your issue was not fully resolved and the issue was out of our scope, the seminar leader will recommend what your next steps should be
  • If you did not have time during the session, but your seminar leader recommended you install anti-virus software, you can find more information at the following URL-

If you need further assistance or have questions about the seminar please call the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242.


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