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This article will focus on the students perspective of scheduling an appointment with their advisor using Navigate platform.

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To schedule an Advising Appointment with your advisor:

  1.    Log into the application using the following URL:  https://UNH.campus.eab.com
  2.    Use your UNH Username and password to access the application
  3.    Navigate to your Student Home screen.
  4.    Click the Schedule an Appointment button at top right.

NOTE:  Advisors may have specific instructions when scheduling an appointment directly with them that differ from the process outlined below.

  1. Select the type of appointment you are looking to schedule:
    1. College or Major Specific Advising (This will be used if you are scheduling an appointment with your advisor in one of the major schools or colleges).
    2. Other Support or Advising (This will be used if  you are scheduling an appointment with an advisor that is not part of one of the major schools or colleges such as Honors, McNair, Veteran and Military Services, Study Abroad etc.)
    3. Meet with my Faculty (This service is set up by faculty for office hours and is limited to those students in specific courses the faculty member teaches)
  2. Select a Service
  3. Click Find Available Time
  4. Select an Advisor (if necessary)
  5. Select the date and time that works for you,  Add any specific comments as required. 
    1. Dates with a dot under them represent dates in which the faculty/advisor has availability set up
  6.   Select "Schedule"

Personal Availability Link (PAL) - Some faculty/advisors may provide you with a link that is specific to them and will take you directly to the scheduling page in EAB Navigate. 

Once the Student confirms the appointment they will receive a confirmation both on-screen and via email with all the respective details

Reasons you may not see Available times to Schedule:

  1. The system hides available times if you are scheduled to be in class
  2. Many Services do not let students schedule less than 12 hours in advance or more than 14 days out
  3. Advisor may not have availability set up for the service selected, try another service

Need additional help?

If you encounter problems scheduling an appointment, please contact your advisor first.

If you log into unh.campus.eab.com  your advisor will be listed on the lower right under your Success Team

Please fill out the EAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

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