Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Basic Navigation

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NOTE:  SFMC contains a lot of robust functionality that is not currently being utilized by UNH.  We are unable to hide the un-used functionality currently. 

Regardless of where the user resides in the application if they were to click on the Email or UNH Salesforce Marking Cloud menu in the upper left of their screen they can always navigate back to their home screen.  Users can always choose to Save their content at anytime to access it again later.


When a user logs into the SFMC they will land on the calendar page.

  1. This page allows the user to see any emails sent or pending for the current week.  The user can navigate back or forward in time by moving their mouse over the calendar they will receive arrows (1) at either end of the week to move forward or back.
  2. Users can access a full month view of the calendar by clicking on the Calendar link at the top of the page

Email Studio:

The user can access the email area of the application by clicking on the Email Studio icon in the upper left of the screen.  When the user hovers the mouse over it they will receive a "flyout" menu where they can then click Email

Overview :

  1. Once the user has accessed the Email area of the application they will land on the Overview Page .  On the left side of this page the user can see the Recent Items they have created or modified. 
  2. The right side of the screen allows the user to see recent emails they have sent using SFMC


Users creating and sending emails will spend a majority of time within the Content area of the application.  Here users will be able to create, and modify content.

  1. Users will see all emails they have created or modified.  The screen will allow them to see the Name of the content, Location, Type, Modified day and by as well as Status.
  2. Users can access any of the content listed on the page simply by clicking on the Name.
  3. Users will use this icon to start creating a new communication (email)
  1. The list of content can be re-sorted using the sort by menu in the upper right. Once the user selects the row they choose to sort on the icon to the right will allow the user to re-sort from acceding to descending.
  2. The content defaults to being viewed in Listing format or the user can choose to see the content in Tile format.
  3. To an extent the system allows the user to add or remove selected columns from the view if needed
  4. Content can also be filtered

When the user triggers the Create Email function they will be taken into the Create and Email process

  1. As the user makes selections on each screen they can move to the next screen using the "Next" icon in the upper right.
  2. At any time the user can Save their content and re-access it again at another time once the email has a name.


Users can access the Tracking area of the application to see general information regarding statistics surrounding email sends. 

Content Builder (Approvals):

Users in SFMC that have Approver Permissions have the ability to access their Business Unit's content and approve from within the system if they choose not to click the link contained within the Approval Alert Email. 

  1. From the Home Page click Content Builder -> Approvals
  2. This will display all content for your Business Unit. Use the Status column to locate the content that is "Pending" approval
  3. Once complete, click on the Home icon in the upper left to navigate back to the home page

 Need additional help?

Please fill out the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webform with as much information as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

For additional Training please visit the TLT Docs & Training site


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