WebI: Scheduling WebI Reports

When does it make sense to schedule reports?  How do I schedule WebI reports to a network drive, a BOX folder, or someone else's WebI Inbox? What Best Practices should I follow when scheduling WebI Reports?

It makes sense to schedule WebI reports when there are specific dates on which a report needs to run periodically, and/or you need to share it with many people.  A scheduled report can be sent to multiple WebI Inboxes, a network file location, or a BOX folder.  Scheduled reports can be sent in the standard WebI report format, or as an Excel, PDF, Text, HTML, or CSV file.  Scheduling reports allows you to manage your workload and reduces the amount of time you spend running reports for others.

For instructions on scheduling reports, please see BI Launchpad - Scheduling Reports,  also available from the USNH Gateway page's Documentation menu. This document includes these helpful sections:

 *Need help?*
To request a WebI account with report scheduling capabilities, please submit an account request at: https://accountsmanagement.unh.edu/ams/cgi-bin/ams/ams_app.

If you need help, please contact the EIM team at: https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=142,  or by calling the IT Service Desk at 862-4242.


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