Outlook Desktop App: Apply Bulk Rule

The bulk rule can be added to your Outlook client to decrease spam from hitting your primary Inbox. Instead, the messages will be directed to a folder named Bulk. You will want to check the bulk folder every now and then just in case there is an email that is desired ends up being filtered.

  1. Under the home tab - click the Rules button and then select Manage Rules & Alerts...

Home tab, Rules Button

2. Choose New Rule...

screen shot of new rule button

3. Select Apply rule on messages I receive and then click Next

Screenshot of select header

4. Select the box with specific words in the message header and then click the blue link specific words

screenshot of select header

5. In the text box type "rule=inbound_bulk" and then click Add and then click OK. The box will close and then hit Next

Bulk Rule Text

6. Select the box move it to the specified folder. Click the blue link specified folder

screenshot move to folder

7. Click New to create a new folder for the bulk mail


8. Name the folder Bulk and choose where you want it located. You can move it at any time without affecting the rule

9. Click OK

name folder bulk

10. Your screen should now look like the screen shot below

11. Click Finish


12. Click Ok and the rule will now be active

finish button

If you are having issues, try running the Microsoft SARA diagnostic tool.


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