WebI: UNH Banner Student Term Codes explained

Question:  What are the details of how UNH Banner Student term codes work, and how is "Current Term" determined?

10 = Fall term
30 = January term
50 = Spring term
70 = Summer term
The year changes in the Fall.   For example, as of June 1, 2020:

  • 201970 is this Summer (Calendar Year 2020)
  • 202010 is this Fall (Calendar Year 2020)
  • 202030 is next January Term (Calendar Year 2021)
  • 202050 is next Spring (Calendar Year 2021)
  • 202070 is next Summer (Calendar Year 2021)
  • 202110 is next Fall (Calendar Year 2021)

The "Current Term" is set by the Registrar’s Office and can only be either a Fall or a Spring Term.  Typically, "Current Term" in Banner changes from Fall Term to Spring Term around mid-January, and from Spring Term to Fall Term in late June.  WebI UNH Student reports that do not prompt for a specific term use the current term's data.

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