TeamDynamix: How to Close Out a Project once Complete (or Cancelled)

How do I close a completed project in TeamDynamix?

If your project is complete, follow these steps to close it out.

  1. Log in to TeamDynamix, and navigate to the Projects / Workspaces application by selecting Menu > Projects/Workspaces and click on the name of the relevant project in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Before closing the project, review it to ensure that all Tasks and Issues are marked as completed.
    1. Select Issues and ensure any open issues have been closed.
    2. Select Plans. Review the tasks to make sure all are completed. When finished, Check-In and close the plan window.
  3. Back on the Projects application screen, under the name of the related project (see step 1 to return to this screen if necessary), select Manage to display the details of the project in the main screen.
  4. Select the green Actions button, and then Close. This will launch a Close Project wizard.
  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to close out your project.
    1. Contribute files to File Cabinet (if applicable)
    2. Close unfinished items
      Note: It is not recommended for Project Managers to close out unfinished items from the wizard, unless you are closing an Operational Project, or Cancelling a project. For all other projects with items remaining to be closed, it is recommended that you exit the wizard and return to Step 2, above
    3. Request Feedback - SKIP this section.
    4. Choose project status
      1. select InactiveNote: An inactive project will no longer allow time to be recorded to that project effort. Project Managers are encouraged to allow a grace period of about a week for time recording prior to closing the project out in order to facilitate time entry.
      2. Select a status of Completed or Cancelled, as applicable.
      3. Set final % complete (If Completed, this should be 100%. If Cancelled this may reflect the progress before termination.)
      4. Add Comments.
    5. Click the green CLOSE PROJECT button at the top of the screen to save.

What do I do if my project was cancelled?

If your project has been cancelled, follow the steps above for closing a completed project in TeamDynamix, however you can optionally eliminate Step 2. Instead, you can simply close all Tasks and Issues through the Close Project wizard in Step 5.

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?.


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