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Task: This article will describe how to manage drop-in appointments in the Appointment Center.



Appointment Center - Drop-in appointments

Advisors will need to set availability for Drop-in appointments to use this functionality. See EAB (Navigate) - Advisor-Setting Availability

Adding a student to the drop-in queue

  1. Search for the student

  2. Click Add to Staff Queue
  3. Choose First Available Staff
  4. Choose Service
  5. Click Add to Staff Queue


Viewing the drop-in queue

For Advisors

When students are added to the drop-in queue there will be a notification that shows in the top navigation bar. This is queue specific, users will only see notifications for their queue.

To take a drop-in appointment


  1. Click on the notification NOTE: This queue shows all the students checked in for appointments which may include some drop-ins and some queued to advisors directly.
  2. Click Start Appt
  3. Add appointment report details
  4. Click Save this Report


For admins managing the queue

Anyone managing the Drop-in queue will access it through the Appointment Center



Select a student from the list by checking the box to the left of their name

Click on the Actions Menu



  • Send a Message - Send an email to the student(s) checked off
  • Move to Top - moves a checked student to the top of the queue
  • Remove - removes the checked student from the queue without adding history to their profile
  • Check Out - checks out a checked student that has had an appointment. Creates a time stamp in the appointment


Users should be able to manage drop-in appointments in the Appointment Center.

Further reading:

EAB (Navigate) - Advisor-Setting Availability

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