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Task: The article will highlight the features of Appointment Center including where to find it and what it is used for. The Appointment Center is typically used by advising teams on campus who would use queue based appointments like Drop-ins.



Appointment Center - An Overview

The Appointment Center is used to manage drop-in and scheduled appointments.

NOTE: In order for the Appointment Center to function as needed advisors will need to have set their availability for both scheduled and drop-in appointments. If availability has not been set this option will not show. See Advisor- Setting Availability

To access the Appointment Center scroll down to the bottom of the webpage in the extreme lower right corner. Appointment Center can be accessed from any page of the application.

  1. Click on Additional Modes
  2. Choose Appointment Center

3. Choose an Appointment Center location. Access to these will depend on your application permissions. NOTE: not all the locations listed under Appointment Center will use this area.

4. Once in the Appointment Center area, you can use the Location drop down at the top of the page to switch Locations, if needed.

5. Choose between 3 options for managing appointments

Scheduling Grid- A single view of all the advisors and their availability See Appointment Center- Scheduling Grid

Drop-in Appointments- Manage the drop-in queue See Appointment Center- Drop-in Appointments

Scheduled Appointments- Manage the scheduled queue See Appointment Center- Scheduled Appointments


Users should be able to find and know how to use Appointment Center. 

Further reading:

Advisor- Setting Availability

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