EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - Scheduling Grid

Task: This article describes how to use the Navigate Scheduling Grid in the Appointment Center.



Appointment Center - Scheduling Grid

The scheduling grid gives the user the ability to see all the schedules for advisors who have set availability within their location. Appointment availability will show as white while no availability will show as gray.

Accessing the Appointment Center
  1. Within Navigate scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  2. On the lower right find the 'Additional Modes'
  3. Choose Appointment Center

Viewing the grid

  • ONLY advisors that have set availability will show in this grid. See Advisor-Setting Availability
  • In the event that the advisors have no availability the Find First Available button will jump to the first available appointment. If the first available is on the same day as the user is viewing, there will be no apparent change to the screen
  • Schedules can be viewed vertically or horizontally. To change the orientation click Vertical/Horizontal orientation.
  • Appointments can be viewed as service type or attendee name. To change this view click Service/Attendee name.


Using the schedule grid to set appointments

Used when the appointment is intended for a specific advisor

  1. Choose the advisor that you would like to add an appointment to
  2. From the calendar view click the time of the appointment
  3. Fill in details
  4. Click Create Appointment


Users should be able to use the Navigate Scheduling Grid in the Appointment Center. 

Further reading:

Advisor-Setting Availability

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