EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - Scheduled appointments


Task: This article will describe how to manage scheduled appointments in the Appointment Center.



Appointment Center - Scheduled appointments

Those managing the scheduled appointments queue will access it through the appointment center. This queue allows the admin to see all the scheduled appointments for each advisor.

  • NOTE:  Only advisors with current availability for that day will show in the Appointment Center

Queues that can be managed from the scheduled appointment page

  • Upcoming appointments - Appointments that have not been checked in. These could also be appointments in the past.
  • In-progress Appointments - Appointments that are currently checked in
  • Recent Appointments - Appointments that have concluded


  • Send a Message to Attendee -sends a message to the attendee. The message will be stored in conversations and it will also go out to their wildcats email
  • Send Message to Organizer - Sends a message to the original organizer. This would typically be the advisor
  • View Appointment Details - Displays the name of the student, the organizer, time of appointment and any comments that were added during appointment creation
  • Check In - Checks in student for their appointment. The advisor will be notified within the applications in the notifications area
  • Mark No-Show - This will mark the student as not showing up for the appointment and will  send a message to the student. 
  • Cancel - Cancels the appointment so it will no longer be visible 

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Users should be able to manage scheduled appointments in Appointment Center.

Further reading:

EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - An Overview

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