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Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - An Overview

This article contains a brief overview of Navigate with links to important articles for help with the application.

Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - FAQ

This article will cover Frequently Asked Questions and some troubleshooting tips that when a student is unable to make an appointment with their advisor through the Navigate software.

Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - Getting Started with Navigate for Faculty Office Hours

How to setup Navigate for students to pre-schedule office hour appointments in person or virtually.

Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - Setting Availability

This article will demonstrate how an advisor would set their availability within the Navigate application.

Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - Step by Step Getting Started with Navigate as a Faculty Advisor

This article was created to provide an easy step by step process for facultyadvisors to start using the application in 4 easy steps.

Pinned Article EAB: Navigate - Step by Step Getting Started with Navigate as an advisor

This article was created to provide an easy step by step process for advisors to start using the application in 4 easy steps.

EAB Navigate - Using the History Tab to Access Student Reports & Notes

This article will cover using the History Tab to access past notes and report details for a student in Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Adding Notes to a Student Record

Notes are a great way to attach commentary in addition to Advising Summaries to your students profile pages and keep track of any information about that student that may be outside of an advising appointment. Notes and Advising Reports are currently the only method of attaching a file to a student's profile. Most commonly you can file a note from your Home tab or via the Search tab.

EAB: Navigate - Advanced Search & Filters

This article will focus on using the Advanced Search functionality within Navigate and using the filters to find the specific information the user requires.

EAB: Navigate - Advisor- My Assigned Students

This article will highlight the features and information that are included when viewing the Students tab in the Navigate application.

EAB: Navigate - Advisor- Navigating the Home Page

This article is intended for Advisors and describes what features to expect when logging in to Navigate. Navigate is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff and students in a coordinated care network designed to help schools proactively manage student success and deliver a return on education.

EAB: Navigate - Advisor- Upcoming Appointments

This article will highlight the features and information available for viewing under the Upcoming Appointments tab on the Advisor home page.

EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - An Overview

The article will highlight the features of Appointment Center including where to find it and what it is used for. The Appointment Center is typically used by advising teams on campus who would use queue based appointments like Drop-ins.

EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - Drop-in appointments

This article will describe how to manage drop-in appointments in the Appointment Center.

EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - Scheduled appointments

This article will describe how to manage scheduled appointments in the Appointment Center.

EAB: Navigate - Appointment Center - Scheduling Grid

This article describes how to use the Navigate Scheduling Grid in the Appointment Center.

EAB: Navigate - Calendar Sync FAQ

This article will cover the Frequently Asked Questions with syncing your Outlook calendar with Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Calendar sync with Outlook

This article will walk users through the process of syncing their Outlook calendar with Navigate to ensure availability is accurate.

EAB: Navigate - Cancelling Campaigns

This article will cover the process of cancelling a campaign that has been created and sent to students. This can be a multi-step process if students registered or a session related to the campaign before it was deleted. If there are existing sessions with students for the campaign, the user will need to not only delete the campaign but also manually remove said appoints from their calendar.

EAB: Navigate - Clickable URL/Phone Number in Appointment Details

Navigate now has the ability to include a URL/Phone number for the meeting, assisting in a virtual environment.

EAB: Navigate - Creating an Appointment Summary (Appointment Notes)

This article will focus on the process for marking an appointment as complete and adding details to a Report once the advisor has met with the student and conducted the advising session.

EAB: Navigate - Creating Appointment Campaigns

This article will describe what to consider when creating a campaign as well as instructions on how to create a campaign.

EAB: Navigate - Creating Saved Searches for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

For advisors who are responsible for advising both undergraduate and graduate students can create saved searches to pull these lists in EAB Navigate with a single click. Saved Searches are dynamic, so they will automatically update when a student is assigned to that advisor.

EAB: Navigate - Data Discrepancies

This article will outline the steps to take in the event the user notices incorrect or inconsistent data within Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Differences Between Navigate & Degree Works

This article will outline the key differences between Navigate and DegreeWorks' applications.

EAB: Navigate - Editing a Scheduled Appointment

This article will focus on editing appointment details after it has been created. This may include changing a location, changing an advisor or time slot.

EAB: Navigate - Generating Reports

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to generate reports within Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Identifying Students with Alerts

This article will discuss identifying students that have an Alert and associated Tag on their profile based on being flagged from a Progress Report(s).

EAB: Navigate - Imported Information from Wildcat Advising

This article discusses the information that was imported from the past advising software Wildcat Advising, and where they reside within Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - New Reports

This article will discuss the newly revamped reports area within the application. Recently the vendor redesigned reports in the application and went from 49 report to 16 without losing any functionality.

EAB: Navigate - Quick Search

This article will cover the functionality of the quick search component within Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Report FAQ

This article will provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions about reports.

EAB: Navigate - Reports (Summaries) Vs. Notes

This article will discuss the differences between adding information into the system as a Note or an Appointment Summary (Report).

EAB: Navigate - Saving Advanced Searches

This article will discuss saving advanced search criteria that you can use over and over again.

EAB: Navigate - Sending Messages to Students

This article will cover the process of sending an email communication to your advisees through the Navigate application.

EAB: Navigate - Student Lists

This article cover the process of creating and modifying a Student List of specific students. When students are added to a watch list they remain on that student list until a user removed them manually. Unlike a Search where a student would naturally appear and disappear from a search based on whether the search criteria was met, with a Student List a student remains until removed.

EAB: Navigate - Student Profile

This article will cover the different areas of the student profile and define the information contained within.

EAB: Navigate - Student Progress Report

As part of UNH's student success initiative, the University will be leveraging myWildcat Success for early alert progress reports. These take place at approximately week 5 of a semester and will provide faculty a means to identify students that may be "at risk" for various reasons. This article will provide information to students on how to access a report within myWildcat Success should they receive any notification.

EAB: Navigate - Students checking in On-line for an Appointment

Navigate allows students to check in on-line for appointments, this article will outline what happens for the Advisor, Faculty or other support team members when students check-in on-line.

EAB: Navigate - Submitting a Progress Report

Progress Reports will be generated from Navigate somewhere around the 5-8 week mark of a semester. These reports will allow faculty to flag students that are below average for that specific class which will in-turn create an Alert and a Report for that student. The Student's Success Team will then coordinate appropriate follow-up with the student.

EAB: Navigate - Tags

This article will cover adding a Tag to a student for easy searching, filtering and grouping.

EAB: Navigate - Adding Details (notes) to a Student without an Appointment

This article will cover the steps to add Summary Details to an appointment that was not scheduled using Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Schedule an Academic Advising Appointment (Advisor -> Student)

This article will outline the steps an advisor would provide to students in order for the students to walk through the process of scheduling an advising appointment using Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Kiosk Mode

This article will talk about the use and functionality of the Kiosk mode within Navigate. Kiosk Mode allows advising centers to incorporate a check in option for students to either enter in their Student ID or swipe their Student ID to check them into a center or event.

EAB: Navigate - Reporting on Check-ins from Kiosk

This article will cover reporting on attendance that was captured using the Kiosk mode within Navigate.

EAB: Navigate - Importing Students to a Student List

Navigate users may need to create a list of students for a Student list from an external source. The application allows users to import a list of student IDs from a .csv file directly to an existing or new watch list.