Articles (4)

EAB: Navigate - Cancelling an Appointment

This article will outline the steps to take when it becomes necessary to cancel a scheduled meeting with an advisor, faculty or other support team member.

EAB: Navigate - Finding a Student's Progress Report

EAB Navigate will be the application where Early Alert Progress Reports originate. This article will provide information to students on how to access a completed progress report within Navigate to confirm if their performance is below average in the course and any reasons or comments provided by the instructor. These will take place approximately weeks 5 to 8 of the term.

EAB: Navigate - Scheduling an Appointment - (Student -> Advisor)

This article will focus on the students perspective of scheduling an appointment with their advisor using Navigate platform.

EAB: Navigate- Checking in for an On-line Appointment

This article will outline the process for a student to check in on-line for a virtual appointment with an advisor of faculty member.