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Pinned Article MediaSpace: Uploading Media

This article describes how to upload media in MediaSpace.

Final Cut Pro: Export video using Final Cut Pro and Compressor

This article contains a video that will show you two ways of exporting videos from Final Cut Pro X.

Kaltura: Designing & Implementing Student Rich Media Projects

This article describes how Kaltura can be used in your courses to assign Rich Media projects to your students.

MediaSpace: Adding Media to a Channel

This article describes how to add media to a channel using MediaSpace.

MediaSpace: Embedding Media in a Web Page or Powerpoint

This article describes how to embed media in a web page or Powerpoint in MediaSpace.

MediaSpace: Managing Channel Members

This article describes how to manage channel members in MediaSpace.

Understanding Captioning and Caption Workflow

The following article will give an overview of possible methods videos may be created, and the workflow those files will need to follow to be captioned when being embedded in the myCourses/Canvas.