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Pinned Article Canvas: Canvas Support

This article provides a list of options for answering your questions about using Canvas and technical support.

Pinned Article Canvas: I can't Remember my Password. How do I reset it?

This article describes how to reset your Canvas password.

Pinned Article Canvas: Login

This article describes how to login to a Canvas instance at a USNH institution.

Canvas (myCourses): Chalk & Wire

Details and support information on Chalk & Wire ePortfolio management system.

Canvas (myCourses): Microsoft Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners of all ages and abilities.  As an instructor or student, you can use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a Page in Canvas (myCourses). You cannot use it in announcements, quizzes, assignments, or discussions.

Canvas (myCourses): What happens to my access when I leave the institution?

This article contains information on the user deprovisioning process for each of the USNH institutions.

Canvas: Canvas Strips Attached Files from Email (Known Issue)

This article describes situations in which Canvas email may remove attached files from email communications through the system.

Canvas: Add a profile picture

This article describes how to add a profile picture in your Canvas site.

Canvas: Collaborating with Office 365

This article describes how to use Office 365 to collaborate with the members within a specific course.

Canvas: Collaborations accessing Office 365

This article describes how to access Office 365 through Collaborations.

Canvas: Create and send email

This article describes how to use the Inbox (email) tool from your Canvas course site.

Canvas: Embedding OneDrive Files in a Canvas Course

The article covers how to embedding OneDrive files in a Canvas course.

Canvas: Enabling Acclaim by Credly

This article explains how to enable Acclaim by Credly in your Canvas course. Credly can be used for digital badges. A digital badge is an electronic representation of a skill, achievement, or experience. ​

Canvas: iCal Calendar Feed

This article describes the various ways to subscribe to the Canvas iCal feed using common applications (Google Calendar/Outlook.)

Canvas: Mobile Applications (Apps) Functionality

This article explains the application functionality of Canvas on Apple and Android tablet devices and Apple mobile devices.

Canvas: Personal Pronouns

Adding personal pronouns to your user account in Canvas.

Canvas: Plymouth Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in Canvas at Plymouth State.

Canvas: Post-Term Course Access FAQ

This article answers some commonly asked questions concerning post-term course access in Canvas.

Canvas: Safari known issue with displaying images

This article discusses the known issue of Safari not displaying images in a Canvas course and in particular a quiz.

Turnitin Overview & Resources (Faculty and Students)

Turnitin is an application that checks for originality, detects plagiarism detection and can be used as a tool to help students understand how to properly cite sources in their academic work. Turnitin includes grading features for faculty such as comments, Quickmarks, and integrated rubrics.

Turnitin: Dates in UNH Repository

This article will explain why the dates in the UNH repository may not make sense. Example: This came about in a Ticket where the instructor questioned the Jan, 6, 2020 date as there was no course going on at the time Turnitin states a paper was submitted.