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Accessibility: Accessible Course Design

This article includes a general guideline for when you use myCourses by Canvas to create and organize your course content

Accessibility: Consultation and Course Design

This article goes over basic accessibility consultation and course design as well as a way to get in contacct with someone about accessibility.

Accessibility: Creating Accessible Documents

This article goes over the best practices of making documents accessible with elements like headings, images, file names, tables/figures, and links.

Accessibility: Guidelines and Checklist

UNH has an obligation under the law to ensure all students have access to course materials. Providing content with varied access modalities helps all students succeed, not just those with identified disabilities. It is easier to design accessible content up front than it is to retrofit poor design, reactivity. Consider the checklist in this article to create accessibility proactively.

Course Profile: Flipped Classroom

This article includes a list of best practices when using a hybrid learning model.

Course Profile: Hybrid

This article will go over what a well-designed hybrid course will look like, with best practices, a course blueprint, and traditional technology employed in hybrid courses.

Course Profile: Large Lecture

This article reviews best practices for teaching in a large lecture setting as well as traditional technology employed in this setting.

Course Profile: Online

This article reviews best practices and technology used for teaching a fully online course.

Frequently Asked Questions for UNH Online and Adjunct Faculty

This article includes frequently asked questions regarding UNH online accounts.

Instructional Design: Course Review Checklists

This article includes an accessibility checklist to review when managing your course, which is available for download.

Introduction to Open Educational Resources

This article includes an introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) and objectives with these resources.

myCourses Design Best Practices

The MyCourses best practices discussed in this article include formattig a module, content variety, naming conventions, your syllabus, hompage, and navigation. It also includes a sample course to review.

Top Teaching Challenges

This article reviews some top teaching challenges and the best way to deal with each of them.