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Autodesk Fusion 360 Basics

This article shows you the basics of using Fusion 360 including some helpful tips when getting started.

Clusters and Computer Labs Software - Remote Access

While the university is conducting classes online, we are providing additional services to assist students and faculty who need access to software that is normally run in the Student Computing Clusters and departmental computer labs around campus.

Course Software Installations

This article describes the course software installation procedure for computing clusters.

Downloading and Installing VMware Horizons Desktop Client on Windows 10

Instructions for downloading and installing the VMware Horizons Desktop Client in order to access PSU's VDI environment

Installation Instructions for VirtualBox-based Windows 10

The University of New Hampshire has licensed both Windows 10 Education and Microsoft Office for all of the staff. Under this agreement, students are licensed to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 and to install Microsoft Office under the Office 365 program.

JMP Annual License Renewal

A site license of JMP Pro has been purchased for faculty and students. This license allows unlimited installations of JMP Pro by UNH faculty, staff, and students.  This license must be renewed on an annual basis.

Printing a PDF from a Mac to a Xerox Multi-function Device

This article shows you how to print a PDF file from a Mac to a Xerox printer/scanner/copier/fax machine.

SketchUp Basics

This article goes over the basics of using SketchUp, including some best practices when getting started.

Software Request Form

In this article you will find the link to the software request form.

Student Clusters & Classrooms: Where to save your work

This article will go over some of the options to save your work when using a computer from a computing cluster, technology classroom, or departmental lab. It will also go over some of the pros and cons of these options.

Student Computing Cluster Policies

The following policies govern the use of the Student Computing Cluster locations on the UNH Durham campus.

UDrive - Being Discontinued - How to retrieve your files

UDrive has been shut down. This article showed you how you could retrieve your files from UDrive.

UNH Department Computer Labs Managed by Enterprise Technology Services

The department computer labs or classrooms discussed in this article are managed by Enterprise Technology Services. The computers in these spaces generally function like the computers in the Student Computing Clusters and have the same software resources available.

VDI Connection Instructions

This article shows you how to connect to VMware Horizon for use of the VDI.

What software is available in the Student Computing Clusters?

The programs listed in this article are available in all Student Computing Clusters, Hands-on Classrooms, and SuperTEC classrooms. These programs are available for all users.  They are also available in all departmental computer labs managed by Academic Technology.

Windows Applications

The listed software packages in this article are installed in the computer labs.