Articles (18)

D8 Training - Anchors

How to use and build named anchors.

Drupal: Creating a Basic Web Page

This how-to article provides the step necessary to create a basic web page in Drupal.

Drupal: Creating Accordions

This article demonstrates the process of creating accordion sections within a web page.

Drupal: Linking to a File in Box

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a hyperlink to a file stored in Box.

UNH Today: RSS Feed Integration into Websites

This article will demonstrate how to integrate UNH Today news feeds into websites.

Websites: People Profile Pages FAQ

This article contains frequently asked questions related to faculty profiles in myElements, and faculty and staff profile pages appearing in school and college websites.

Faculty Profile Page Preparation Checklist

This article provides a checklist for the items Faculty are encouraged to review/update in myElements to optimize their profile page.