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Pinned Article Qualtrics - Getting Started with Qualtrics Survey Tool

Introducing Qualtrics, USNH's online survey tool. Qualtrics can be accessed by anyone with a PSU, GSC or UNH account. Faculty, students, and staff have access to this powerful survey tool.

Qualtrics - How to Get Support

This article will outline how users can access Qualtrics User Support. User support for Qualtrics is provided directly through the vendor.

Qualtrics - How to Match Respondent's Answers Between Two Surveys using Random ID

This article will outline the process of matching answers to respondents across multiple surveys

Qualtrics - How to Share a Survey

This article will provide instructions on sharing your survey with others to access

Qualtrics : Exporting/Importing Surveys and Data for Another Instance

This article will outline the process of exporting or importing data from one survey to another

Qualtrics: How to Use Personal Links

This article will provide further information regarding Personal Links in Qualtrics

Qualtrics: Guide to Best Practices When Creating a Survey

This article will provide insight to designing a survey that captures the information you require and how to ask for it in survey questions

Qualtrics: Licensing and Terms of Use

The USNH System has licensed the Qualtrics Survey Research Suite, a Web-based survey and data analysis service. This license provides the USNH community with a set of powerful online survey and research tools, and allows an unlimited number of surveys and survey responses annually. Our license also includes Offline Survey capabilities for use with tablet or smartphone devices.

Qualtrics: Preventing Multiple Survey Submission By Using Authentication

This article describes the steps to create a Qualtrics survey that allows for only one submission by a user. The process requires the use of Single Sign-On (SSO).