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Pinned Article Microsoft Services Update - FAQ

This article lists FAQs for the Microsoft Services Update on April 9 & 10 that will impact all Granite State College and UNH students, faculty and staff.

Pinned Article Should I save files to OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint?

This article will discuss basic differences between OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint.

Box Migration Exploration Project FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the ET&S Box Migration Exploration Project. This FAQ is a work in progress.

Microsoft Integrated Services - HELP

This article is a placeholder so we can update the Help area of each KB within MIS

Microsoft Main User Voice

Have a suggestion for Microsoft? Please check out Microsoft's User Voice. Up vote suggestions you feel would make your favorite Microsoft applications better, provide and track those suggestions!

Microsoft Office: Fix Connectivity Issues

This article describes troubleshooting steps to try if Microsoft Office fails to connect; Try these steps before escalating the issue to the IT Help Desk.